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Stage 1. Materials.
All upholstery, whether made in our shop, or ready delivered from other specialized trim shops, is prepared in the early stages of the project. Upholstering itself is process requiring time and commitment, accomplished with patience and passion, in order for the highest quality possible to be reached.

Stage 2. Preparation of seat frames.
All seat frames are being stripped completely, sandblasted, zinc coated, and primed with epoxy primer. They, afterwards, are treated with filler and in the end are painted with acrylic paint, in color matching the year of production.

Stage 3. Rebuilding and seat upholstery.
All padding materials that we use, new or second hand, are in good condition, (very rare for the vintage cars). The padding style is original and the seat upholstery material is new from OEM sources or custom according to the client.

Stage 4. Preparation of door panels.
Our aim is to use and to restore the original door panels when possible. For the 40's and 50's cars the door panels are made of fabric. For later cars we try to restore the door pannels, or use OEM or good aftermarket panels. In our shop also custom panels are being prepared.

Stage 5. Carpeting.
The carpet can be prepared in our shop, or can be delivered from the specialized suppliers. Our target is to achieve the stock quality and appearance, but custom carpeting is also available.

Stage 6. Headlining.
The headliner is one of the most important parts of the car upholstery. This is why we in Wolfsburg East are meticulous when completing the headliner.

End Effect.
The final effect is a stock or custom upholstery which turns your beloved car into a head turner.