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Complete restoration

Stage 1. Parts restoration.
The initial work to be carried after the complete dismantling process is to examine, a repair and restore to its stock condition all the parts which are hard to find, obsolete or expensive to buy. Our aim is to restore them as new. See this 30 hp air filter!

Stage 2. Front suspension.
The front suspension and the front beam must be inspected thoroughfully as they are crucial for the car's safety. All worn parts must be changed and adjusted to the tolerances. All seals are changed and bolts are tightened as prescribed in the service manual.

Stage 3. Rear suspension and gearbox.
The rear suspension normally requires change of gaskets and bearings, as well as check and replacement of the shock absorbers and the rubber bushings of the spring plates. The VW gearbox is normally in good condition, so only the oil needs to be changed. Stock gearboxes rarely must be repaired, as they are overestimated. They can easily work with an engine till150 hp, but the stock VW Bug engine is a maximum 50 hp.

Stage 4. Engine.
The VW engine, opposite to the gearbox, is rarely in good condition due to lack of maintenance, age, corrosion, or simply high mileage on it. The good news is that it is a repairable item and OEM or high quality aftermarket parts are available at our house. A quality overhauled VW air-cooled engine can serve long time. It is not uncommon that some 30 hp engines serve more than 300 000 km.

Stage 5. Chassis.
A VW chassis is an engineering masterpiece. It bares the whole weight of the car - front beam, the gearbox and engine. After years of service, damages are something expected. The head and the pan halves are normally to be changed. We have sources to good second hand or high quality aftermarket parts to ensure that your chassis is not a problem anymore. Moreover, with our up-to-date materials we can give you 10 years warranty against rust.

Stage 6. Car assembly.
In the end of the day when everything is restored to hi end it comes the car to be assembled. Normally in this stage a lot of chaos and stress comes to you. Not in our house. Our dedicated team of VW specialists can do it professionally without any problem, meeting high standards of craftsmanship with your time schedule. All the needed specialized instruments in one hand and skills in another are available in our house.

Stage 7. Electrical restoration.
The electrical installation of the beetle or bus is not a sophisticated issue. Anyhow there are some specific requirements during this stage. Our target is to restore as much as possible of the original units of your car preserving the original "patina" where possible, but not to compromise with the safety of the car.

Stage 8. Test Drive.
And in the end – the test drive! It is compulsory to make minimum 10 to 20 km with the new restored car to cure so called "child diseases" or some omissions during the process of restoration. After that the car is ready for the show. We are honest to our clients and we instruct them to be careful during the first month of driving the beloved car. The "child diseases" are to be cured during this period, without paying for it, of course. It is our responsibility.