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Body Shop

Stage 1. Complete dismantling.
The body is made free of any glass, parts, upholstery, wires and has to be detached from the pan if possible.

Stage 2. Sandblasting.
The complete body, or only rust areas are sandblasted – where necessary. This is a very important stage as the scope of work can be estimated afterwards. This also prepares a solid base for the following rust repair.

Stage 3. Rust repair.
This is the most important stage of body restoration. Rust repair in our shop is done by our VW Body specialists with a long experience in VW body restoration. This work is carried out with ready panels – NOT, used, or aftermarket ones. According to our experience, the VW with no need of rust repair is not a vintage one.

Stage 4. Collision repair.
Rollover, front, rear, side or top shocks are not a big problem, as we can manage all of them. As long as you have love for your car, it can always be repaired. We at "Wolfsburg East" are always here to ensure the well-being of the pet which lives in the garage.

Stage 5. Primer.
This is also a very important stage of the restoration process, as it is a barrier against the atmospheric conditions. We use the most sophisticated primers – zinc based, epoxy primers of the leading companies in the industry. The warranty of the zinc - epoxy coated body or chassis is 10 years in our shop.

Stage 6. Preparation for paint.
This stage, requiring patience and meticulousness, is performed by the person, who has to go over the work of the body man, and prepare the car for painting. The VW Beetle is one of the most difficult cars to prepare for paint, so it needs to be given that extra attention. In our shop it is performed by a VW specialist with good understanding and love for the Bug.

Stage 7. Painting.
This is the final touch which shows all the work that has been put into your car body. We work with top quality paints and lacquers only, which always ensures the best result possible.