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About us

Who We Are?

Thank you for your interest in Wolfsburg East. If you are a Volkswagen enthusiast – this is the right place to be. Wolfsburg East specializes in all air cooled Volkswagens and Porsches. We restore cars; sell new and used parts, representing BBT from Belgium. Also we import/export cars worldwide.

We are a family owned company and we are in vintage vw restorations since 2007.

We import all parts needed to complete your T1, T2 or T3 or Porsche restoration. Through our partners from BBT and other contacts with the vintage VW commonwealth we can supply virtually every part needed, from 1945 Beetle, 356 Pre A Porsche, and 1992 T3 Wedge Bus to 2003 Mexican Beetle.

We also have developed all phases of restoration and keep schedule control, together with high quality and strict cost control. On the one hand, our knowledge in air cooled beetles and busses is combined with high quality craftsmanship, on the other, supplying all the parts needed for the completion of projects guarantees an excellent result every time.

We also handle all phases of import and export of cars worldwide – from project cars to complete finished restorations.

We started our company from air cooled passion and we are developing it in a professional way.

What We Do?

What can Wolfsburg East do for you? We specialize to meet all your air-cooled needs under one roof. Please contact us for more details.

Why choose Wolfsburg East?

When you are restoring your adored car, the first thing you are looking for is quality. The professionals from Wolfsburg East are highly devoted to the process of restoration and concentrate on the detail, so that each and every car passing through the restoration process in our shop is completed as if it has come out of the Wolfsburg production line on the day of its birth. We are strict purists, but we could give your car a personality from mild street, through German and Cal look, to drag racers.

We offer many hard-to-find parts to professional VW restorers in Bulgaria, as well as to Do-It-Yourselfers! The long time wasted in browsing the internet would no longer be a part of your life story, as Wolfsburg East is the supplier to offer you everything you need. Here you can buy parts, but not only that, you will also receive an expertise, advice and help, and simply have a pleasant air-cooled chat.

Where We Are?

We are located in Bulgaria, Europe 1739 km South East from Wolfsburg, Germany – the cradle of the most popular "Peoples car". You can find us near Sofia in Ravno Pole village.

You may e-mail us at:;,
call us on +359 (2) 846 87 92
Our mailing address is:
Wolfsburg East ltd.
1505 Sofia, 4 Russalka str.
Bulgaria, European Union